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Catalina Burgara Maldonado, a first-generation Hispanic student, has demonstrated unwavering dedication to her studies and community. Her unique background has not only fueled her academic success but also significantly contributed to her school and surroundings.

From an early age, Catalina was inspired by the sacrifice and determination of her parents, Juana Maldonado and José Burgara, who worked tirelessly to provide her with opportunities they never had. This legacy of hard work and dedication has shaped Catalina’s character, and she has proudly taken on the challenge of honoring her parents’ trust and support.

At Apollo High School, Catalina excelled academically, ranking in the top 1% of her class with a weighted GPA of 5.0. She participated in rigorous Advanced Placement courses and the dual enrollment program at Glendale Community College, where she excelled in studies of professional sales and marketing.

Catalina’s success extends beyond the classroom. Her commitment to the community is evident in her involvement in various extracurricular activities, including Key Club, National Honor Society, DECA, Mu Alpha Theta, and dance. Over the years, Catalina has accumulated more than 400 hours of community service, demonstrating her passion for helping others and making a tangible difference in her environment.

As vice president of Key Club and president of DECA at Apollo High School, Catalina has shown exceptional leadership skills. Her dedication to service and her ability to inspire others has been recognized by her classmates, teachers, and counselors.

In addition to her academic and extracurricular achievements, Catalina has worked as an instructor and choreographer at Limitless Dance Studio, sharing her passion for dance with children of all ages. She has also demonstrated her leadership abilities in work settings, serving as a shift leader at Jamba Juice.

With a curious mind and a generous heart, Catalina is prepared to face future challenges with determination and courage. Her dream of becoming a dentist will lead her to study Biological Sciences (Pre-Dental) at Arizona State University, where she hopes to continue serving her community and positively impacting the world around her.