Misrepresentation of insurance coverage resulted in a $10.1 million reward for our client, the victim of a pedestrian accident involving commercial vehicle

Angelina Suzette Flores, a South Gwinnett High School senior, has demonstrated outstanding dedication to her studies and community. Her academic record is notable: She has taken advanced and honors courses and achieved a weighted GPA of 3.1.

Angelina has not only excelled academically but has also demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. She spearheaded the Law Interest Group and played a pivotal role in the advanced choir’s leadership team. Her dedication to the Latino community is evident in her position as a board member of Latinos Unidos, a club that has significantly enriched her school life. Through this platform, Angelina has not only found a supportive community but has also been instrumental in ensuring the visibility and voice of other Latino students.

Angelina’s commitment to community service is commendable. She has actively volunteered with the Junior Cabinet StuCo and dedicated her summers to the legal services mentorship program. Her involvement in various clubs, such as the Environmental Club and Drama Club, further demonstrates her well-rounded personality. Notably, she has also earned important certifications like CPR and ‘Stop the Bleed ‘, showcasing her readiness to handle emergency situations.

Her passion for helping others extends beyond her school. As a first-generation immigrant, Angelina has faced and overcome numerous challenges. From a young age, she has played a crucial role in her family, translating formal documents and accompanying her parents to school and medical meetings. These experiences have shaped her desire to study Sociology and Latin American Studies in college, aiming to work in social work and support Latino families.

Angelina has also worked as a childcare provider since 2016, demonstrating her responsibility and ability to care for and educate children. Her experience and commitment to her community have tirelessly prepared her to advocate for equity and social justice.

Additionally, Angelina has been admitted to Oglethorpe University for the fall 2024 semester, where she plans to continue her education and advance her goal of supporting her community.

Angelina’s resilience and determination to overcome obstacles have inspired many. Her story is a testament to the power of education and the positive impact one can have on their community. With her dedication and passion, Angelina Flores is committed to using her education and skills to uplift others and foster positive change.