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Starting a New Job with Workers’ Compensation in Atlanta and Phoenix

If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits from your current employer, but are considering getting a new job, you should speak to a Cruz & Associates workers’ compensation attorney before you make any career-related decisions. The laws surrounding workers’ compensation benefits vary depending on what state you are living and working in, but our Phoenix and Atlanta attorneys can give you insight on what laws apply to you and your unique situation.

Client meets with their workers’ compensation lawyer in a brightly lit office to discuss whether they can start a new job while receiving benefits.

Can You Change Jobs While Receiving Workers’ Comp Benefits?

After a workplace accident that causes an injury, there is usually an extensive period of time where the employee is out of work and recovering from the injury. During this recovery period, the worker has a lot of time to think about their health and life in general. And it is not uncommon for someone to reconsider their career choice during this time. Perhaps you want a job that is less dangerous, less strenuous on your body as you are getting older, or maybe you realize that you simply are not as passionate about your job as you once were. Whatever the reason may be, our workers’ compensation attorneys at Cruz & Associates understand that receiving benefits should not delay you from having a job you enjoy.

However, that does not mean we advise you to quit your job and find a new one right away. Although you may want to quit your job to start a new one in a different position or even a completely new field, we do not suggest you resign from your current job until you are fully recovered from your injury. Starting a new job can often result in a reduction of benefits. You are receiving workers’ compensation benefits for a reason, and you do not want to jump the gun and lose those benefits, especially medical coverage, before you are fully healed. Each job and the workers’ compensation benefits they provide employees varies, so give your local Cruz & Associates office a call for a free initial consultation. Once we know your situation, we can give you the most informed legal advice to ensure you have all the resources necessary to make the decision for yourself.

Considering Starting a Second Job?

If you are thinking about staying in your current position at your current company, and simply adding a second job to earn an extra source of income, you have to be careful. Although you are legally allowed to get a second job while receiving workers’ comp benefits, there are certain things you must consider in order to keep receiving the benefits from your workers’ compensation.

The first aspect to consider is your medical clearance. If you are medically able to work a second job, your employer may wonder why they are being required to pay you workers’ compensation. You may also be asked to prove that your second job’s duties are not as strenuous as your primary job’s duties. This is sometimes asked in order to show your employer that you are well enough to work certain jobs, but not necessarily well enough to work in a physically demanding position. Outside of having to prove your medical clearance, the second job could also reduce the amount of money you receive from your workers’ compensation checks as well. This is just one of many situations where having a workers’ compensation attorney can be very beneficial, so you do not make a genuine mistake and end up losing your benefits as a consequence.

Contact an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

If you have any additional questions about what starting a new job while receiving workers’ compensation benefits will look like for you, give our team of workers’ compensation attorneys in Atlanta and Phoenix a call. We speak Spanish and English, and after you tell us about your individual circumstance, one of our legal representatives will be able to offer expert insight about what to do in your situation. Each workers’ compensation situation is different, just like every employee is different, so we encourage you to reach out for a free consultation. See what Cruz & Associates can do to help you make the best decision for your career and financial future. Call  (404) 444-1111 in Atlanta or (602) 777-6666 in Phoenix.

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