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Social Media and your case: What you need to know

Can social media impact your case? In the following video, attorney Ruben Cruz informs us about this important topic.

Today, using social media is very common. According to Statista, nearly 77% of all Americans have at least one social media profile. However, using social media can bring along some unforeseen risks. With regard to filing a claim, there are some precautions one may have to take during the process.

It is important to remember that social networks are public forums. An innocent comment or photo on Facebook can be misunderstood and derail your workers’ compensation or personal injury case. If you are filing an accident claim, do not upload photos that are open for misinterpretation. Insurers monitor the activity of your various social accounts. It is advisable to deactivate such social accounts during the time of your pending claim.


Be smart about how you use social media! You never know the unforeseen effects it may have.

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