2024 Scholarship Applications Now Open

It’s easy for most students to take for granted the fact that in Atlanta, 9 of 10 households have a computer at home and that for most, the latest app is two clicks and a download away. These items, which are the basic tools for today’s student, were out of reach for the son of impoverished immigrants. Simple assignments for most became feats for a student like Cesar Porcayo, whose parents didn’t own a car and could barely afford to keep a roof over their heads. Seeing the struggles they faced and frustrated by the long hours his mother worked to make ends meet, as a sophomore, Cesar decided to take on a job to help his family, saving enough to buy them the car they desperately needed. If Cesar learned one thing from his family it was that education was the way out of poverty and he took that heart, pouring his best efforts into his studies. Our 2015 recipient of the Alcanzado Un Sueño Scholarship graduated in the top 3% of his class at Central Gwinnett High School and this fall with enter Georgia Tech!