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SUV rollover accidents account for almost 33% of all fatal accidents involving rollover crashes. SUVs, Mini-Vans and light trucks are more likely to rollover in an accident than cars due to their higher center of gravity. There are numerous reasons why the SUV’s design may be responsible for more roll over crashes including the following:

  • Because it is top-heavy, SUVs are prone to heavy oversteering by drivers, making a rollover accident likely;
  • Doors latches may be defective or too weak to hold the doors shut in a rollover accident, causing passengers to be ejected from these vehicles;
  • The roof of the SUV may be too week or deficient, resulting in a collapse of the roof and crushing the driver and occupants;
  • The SUV may lack laminated safety glass which could help prevent passengers from being ejected in SUV rollovers; and
  • The seat belts are defective because they do not automatically retract and tighten during an accident.

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Insurance adjusters are trained to put accident victims at ease so they can convince you not to hire an attorney. They do this because they know that without the help of an attorney they can pay you less than you are entitled to under the law. That is their job and getting you the maximum compensation for your injuries is ours.

Cruz & Associates is experienced in representing accident victims and the families of those seriously injured or killed in SUV rollover accidents.


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