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Is a Neck Injury or Back Injury Keeping You From Work?

neck injury Did you hurt your back on the job? Is lifting or carrying loads part of your daily work duties? Back and neck injuries are the most common ailments of work that involves heavy lifting, frequent twisting, bathing and transferring patients, loading cargo, repetitive work, driving long distances or overexertion. Employees that are frequently exposed to back and injuries include: Construction Workers, Assembly Line Workers, Warehouse Workers, Day Laborers, Factory Workers, Delivery Workers, Stock Clerks, Nurses and Nursing Assistants, Airport Workers, Baggage Handlers Sheet Metal Workers and other workers who’s daily duties require them to stand for long periods or involve heavy lifting.

Back injuries can keep you out of work for days, weeks or permanently which may significantly impact your ability to work and is often considered a catastrophic injury, specifically if it permanently prevents you from returning to your normal work functions.

If you’ve suffered a back or neck injury on the job, you need an experienced attorney who’s on your side, working to secure the best medical treatment and the maximum benefits you’re entitled to.

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