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Did You Get Hurt Working in Construction?

construction-worker-ladderwebConstruction workers bear the highest risk of injury in America. On the job injuries occur at a higher rate and are often more serious or fatal in construction site accidents. Exposure to heavy machinery, heavy building materials, and hazardous worksite conditions pre-dispose workers to higher risk serious injury or death. For Hispanics, that risk increases exponentially due to improper training, improper use or lack of safety equipment and language barriers between employers and construction workers.

The burden of training and safety falls on the employer and workers are protected under Workers’ Compensation laws in Georgia and Arizona.  Oftentimes, victims of construction site accidents are told that they have no rights because they are categorized as ‘sub-contractors’. This is often not the case, regardless of how you are paid. There are complex laws that dictate the true nature of an ‘employee’ and in the construction industry there are contractors that try to deflect their obligation to injured workers by ‘hiring’ help under 1099 status or ‘sub-contractors’, however, more often than not, these workers are considered ‘employees’ under the law, meaning they are protected under Workers’ Compensation. Determining this can be complex and you need the help of an experienced attorney to protect your rights, get you the medical attention you need and secure the maximum compensation you’re entitled to under the law.

Four Most Common Accidents

  1. FALLS

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