Workers’ Compensation – Back Injury
Settlement: $249,500

I was referred to the firm by a friend with a situation similar as mine. My entire experience with the firm was positive from start to finish. Every person I came in contact with, from the receptionist to my legal team (Ronnie and Anita), was knowledgeable, honest, courteous and responsive to my needs. I want to thank the entire team for the hard work put into my case, fighting for my interest in court and for securing a fair compensation on my behalf. I’m very satisfied with the results of my case and will recommend the firm to friends and family in the future.   – Juan M., Atlanta, Georgia

Workers’ Compensation
Settlement: $336,990

I was very satisfied with the results of my settlement. I believe that the attorney and legal staff did everything possible to get the best settlement for my case. I was treated with compassion throughout the entire process and found them to diligent with every aspect of my case. Because of this I do not hesitate to refer other to them. I truly believe they are the kings of justice for our community. Don’t think twice, you can trust them to work for you, too. – Ricardo S., Norcross, Georgia

Workers’ Compensation – Back Injury
Settlement: $315,118

I am very satisfied with the service provided by Cruz & Associates. They do a great job overall and I would definitely recommend them to others. – Martha R., Jonesboro, Georgia

Workers’ Compensation – Arm Injury
Settlement $142,000

I am very thankful to Cruz & Associates.  I am very satisfied with how the attorney represented my case.  There were many people who said it would be very difficult to fight the company and win.  Had it not been for this law firm, I would have ended up unemployed, without any compensation and enduring the pain in my arms from my injury.  Now I have the compensation I need and my health is improved. – Rosa Martinez

Auto Accident
Settlement $1.4 Million

When you are seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it’s not always about the money. It’s about the fact that your life will NEVER be quite the same. You need honest answers, solid advice, and someone who actually cares about what has happened in your life. Ruben Cruz focused his expertise on our case and made sure the liable individual accepted that responsibility. In addition, he negotiated a generous settlement without court time. Ruben tops my list of “Atlanta’s best Attorneys’!” – Alejandro González-Rodríguez

Slip and Fall
Settlement $131,000

Ruben Cruz and the other Attorneys at his office represented us in a personal injury claim in a highly professional and effective manner. As their client, we felt at all times we were being represented in ‘our’ best interest, not the firm’s best interest. Keeping us well informed on where we were in the settlement negotiation and potential court litigation, we fully understood each step of the process and came to recognize Ruben Cruz and his support staff as skilled and compassionate litigators. For this client, they well earned their respected mantle of ESQ.” – Santos T. Hernandez-Sorto


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