Termination of Benefits in Arizona

Injured workers and their families rely on workers’ compensation benefits to pay their bills and feed their families. If you receive a termination of benefits notice, you might be feeling confused or even panicked. Fortunately, there are things you can do to extend your benefits and continue receiving assistance until you can return to work. Learn about your legal options under Arizona law – and know when to contact a Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer.

Signs Your Benefits Might Change

Your employer might be trying to modify or terminate your benefits if they request any of the following in writing:

Modification Vs. Termination of Benefits

If you receive a change in disability status after any of these tests, your employer’s insurance company may decide to change your benefits. Some of the most common reasons for modification or termination include:

Losing your benefits can be disheartening, especially if you don’t feel well enough to return to your job. You may still have legal options, however. An employer cannot stop your benefits without good reason, and you may still be eligible to collect benefits. If you receive a termination of benefits notice, take the following actions:

The attorneys at Cruz & Associates can help you understand your rights under Arizona workers’ compensation law. Let us review your legal options during a free and confidential legal consultation. To schedule your case review, please contact us.