Phoenix Ride Sharing (Lyft/Uber) Injuries Attorney

If an accident happened while you rode in an Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, or other ridesharing company vehicle in Phoenix, contact Cruz & Associates. Depending on the accident’s circumstances, you could be eligible for compensation for your injuries. Before accepting a settlement from a ridesharing company, call us for a free consultation. An attorney’s assistance during settlement negotiations could increase the monetary award you walk away with.

Ridesharing apps help millions of riders get around and saves lives by preventing drunk driving. However, there is a downside to apps such as Uber and Lyft. Because of their hiring practices, there are potentially unsafe drivers, and the app itself invites distracted driving. Rideshare companies do not conduct background checks or interviews, nor do they train (or even meet) their drivers before hiring them. This is unlike traditional taxi companies that take greater care in choosing who drives passengers.

Your Local Rideshare Accident Attorneys

Through our office in Phoenix, Cruz & Associates is no stranger to Uber and Lyft accident claims. These two state capitals are bustling hubs of activity, with thousands of active rideshare drivers and passengers. Our firm knows how to handle these unique car accident cases, and we keep up to date on how these laws are evolving. Here’s why injured parties trust us with their cases:

  1. Experience. Cruz & Associates has been around since 1989. With almost 30 years of hands-on legal experience, we’ve (almost) seen and done it all. We’ve handled minor to catastrophic injury claims, focusing on auto accidents, workers’ compensation, and other types of personal injury cases.
  2. Trial-tested attorneys. Although most traffic accident claims settle without going to trial, having trial-ready lawyers in your corner can benefit you. Once an insurance company finds out you have representation that’s ready to go to court on your behalf, it is more likely to offer more to avoid a trial. Our reputation for aggressive litigation will work in your favor and could result in a larger settlement.
  3. One-on-one client attention. At Cruz & Associates, you’re not just another client. We take our responsibility to clients very seriously and treat each one like our first, last, and only. You’ll receive one-on-one attention, constant communication, and a personalized approach to your case with one of our dedicated attorneys. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

There are many reasons clients thank us for our exceptional legal services. We’ve helped clients negotiate for higher settlements with popular rideshare services, as well as discuss the possibility of going to trial for greater compensation – if the compensation is unfair and doesn’t compensate you for your lost wages and medical bills.

Call to Schedule Your Initial Case Evaluation

We’ll come to your home or hospital if you’re too unwell to come to our office for a discussion about your case. If we believe your case has merit as a personal injury claim and we believe we can help you, you have a trusted advocate. Get in touch today to talk to one of our attorneys. We answer client requests 24/7. Call or (602) 777-6666 for our Phoenix office. Our staff is fully bilingual, so whether you are more comfortable with English or Spanish, we will be able to get the full story.