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At Cruz & Associates, our drunk driving accident lawyers have represented individuals and families in minor to catastrophic vehicle collisions. We’ve secured six- and seven-figure settlements for our auto accident clients in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Through our dedication to our clients, we’ve secured justice for many people injured by drunk drivers. We make it our duty to safeguard the rights of injured drunk driving accident victims and to secure maximum compensation for their losses. If you want to discuss your crash, someone at Cruz & Associates is available 24/7, and is only a phone call away.

Civil Claims Against Drunk Drivers

Drivers cannot safely operate motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. No matter how high someone thinks his/her tolerance is or how “well” someone believes he/she can drive while intoxicated, alcohol affects the system in a way that compromises driving ability. When drivers decide to get behind the wheel after drinking, they themselves and everyone on the road at risk.

When we say “consequences,” we don’t just mean a criminal charge – although drunk driving is against the law in Arizona. The state maintains a maximum blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit of 0.08%. Anything at or above this limit is legal intoxication. When drunk drivers cause accident and injuries, the government works hard to keep them from doing it again – be it jail time, loss of license, or steep fines. However, that doesn’t help the people who suffered serious harm as a result of their recklessness.

Because of this, there are civil consequences to help victims recuperate some of their losses, and that’s where Cruz & Associates can help. You can bring a claim against an at-fault drunk driver during an ongoing criminal case. There are also dram shop laws in Arizona, which allow victims to sue an establishment that sold alcohol to someone who was obviously intoxicated. If someone dies or suffers harm as a result of a bar or restaurant overselling alcoholic beverages to someone who then drives, the bar or restaurant may be legally responsible.

While a criminal case can lead to fines and jail time for the perpetrator, a civil case can result in financial recovery for victims and their families. You must file your claim within the deadline for the courts to consider your case.

Seek Compensation After a Drunk Driving Accident

When someone negligently, recklessly, or intentionally causes harm to another person, there are legal actions the victim can take. Drunk driving is the definition of “reckless.” The courts may even award punitive damages to victims in drunk driving cases. Punitive damages are those a judge orders to punish the offender for especially malicious, grossly negligent, or criminal acts. At Cruz & Associates, we know a monetary settlement or judgment will not reverse the damages a drunk driver inflicted on you or your loved one, but it could give you financial security in the face of a great tragedy. You could receive payment for losses such as:

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