Social Security Disability Lawyer in Phoenix

If you need help securing disability benefits in the state of Arizona, contact the Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers at Cruz & Associates. We know a devastating or catastrophic injury can greatly affect your ability to return to your previous job, which can cause financial stress for you and your family. No one deserves this kind of added stress when they are recovering from an injury.

When an occupational incident leads to temporary or total disability, you have the legal option to collect benefits. If you or a loved one recently suffered an injury at work, you may be wondering how you’ll make ends meet. The Arizona Workers’ Compensation Act seeks to protect injured workers by providing both medical and disability benefits to those who suffered an injury on the job. This applies whether or not an employer was at-fault for the work-related accident.

Workers can collect disability benefits for partial or total loss of earning capacity sustained after an accident. This applies whether the disability is temporary or permanent. Knowing your rights under Arizona workers’ compensation laws and obtaining a disability lawyer could make the difference in securing the benefits your family needs.

What is Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is a federal program funded by taxes in the United States, which provides monthly benefits to those who are unable to work due to a medical disability. Whether these disabilities are the result of a workplace injury or a medical condition, the benefits provided by the Social Security Administration help individuals cover the monthly costs that accrue as their ability to work is restricted.

Stressed young couple in need of a disability attorney sit together and look at a laptop. They are applying for Social Security disability benefits after husband was injured on the job.

Qualifying for SSI and SSDI

The difference between SSDI and Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is that SSI does not require a previous job that paid into Social Security taxes. SSI is usually reserved for disabled adults and children with minimal income, but it has the same medical qualifications as SSDI.

Qualifying for disability benefits can be a long process and it requires you to meet certain criteria in order to receive the benefits. Our Phoenix team of Social Security disability attorneys have extensive experience representing people just like you with claims. Schedule a free initial consultation at our convenient law office to see if you qualify for benefits.

Overview of Qualifications

Below are the basic qualifications needed in order to receive Social Security disability benefits:

These are the basic requirements needed to qualify for SSDI. SSI slightly differs from these qualifications, and additional considerations must also be met for both programs. We recommend reaching out to us even if you do not meet all of these qualifications. There are special cases that can still receive benefits, and our Cruz & Associates attorneys can help you see how your case compares to past claims.

Medical Conditions that Qualify You for SSDI and SSI Benefits

Below are a list of medical conditions that could qualify you for SSDI and SSI benefits:

Medical conditions have varying degrees of severity. If you have one of these medical issues, you are not automatically eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Contact a Social Security disability attorney to improve your chances of winning your disability case and collecting the benefits you and your family need.

Contact an Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer for a Free Consultation in Phoenix

At Cruz & Associates, we understand the importance of gaining disability benefits when you are unable to work due to an injury or disability. If you have made a disability claim and it was denied by the state, or if you are just starting to look into filing a claim, working with attorneys who have years of experience can increase your chances of securing the benefits your family needs.

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