Phoenix Social Security Disability Benefits

If you need help collecting your disability benefits in Arizona, contact the Phoenix disability benefits lawyers at Cruz & Associates. We know a devastating or catastrophic injury can affect your ability to return to your previous line of work. When an occupational injury leads to temporary or total disability, you have the option to collect benefits under the law. If you or a loved one recently suffered a devastating work injury, you might be wondering how you’ll make ends meet. Under Arizona law, you may be entitled to collect one of the disability benefits listed below.

The Arizona Workers’ Compensation Act seeks to protect injured workers by providing both medical and disability benefits to workers who sustain an occupational injury. This applies whether or not an employer was at-fault for the work-related accident.

Workers can collect disability benefits for partial or total loss of earning capacity that an employee might sustain from an accident. This applies whether the disability is temporary or permanent. Knowing your rights under Arizona workers’ compensation law and retaining a Phoenix workers’ compensation attorney can help you prepare better for the months ahead.

How Much Can I Earn From Arizona Disability?

If a work-related accident leads to your disability, you’re allowed to collect benefits for as long as your disability continues to disrupt your ability to work. Your employer’s insurance company and state workers’ compensation board will determine the amount of your benefits based on a percentage of your average monthly wage. In Arizona, the monthly benefit amount is capped at $4,026.29.

There are several different classifications of disability, each with different pay rates. Some examples include:

If you qualify for permanent disability, you may choose to receive your benefits in a lump sum instead of monthly payments. If you qualify for partial or temporary disability, your employer or the state compensation board may offer you vocational training that allows you to pursue another profession.

Collecting Disability Benefits in Phoenix

If you have been temporarily or permanently injured due to an accident on the job, you may be entitled to disability benefits through the state of Arizona. Contact the Phoenix disability benefits attorneys at Cruz & Associates to schedule your free initial consultation with our firm. Let us put our 25 years of experience to work for you and your family.