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Most Common Accidents in Construction

Construction workers wear PPE and follow OSHA standards while working to prevent a common construction accident

Unfortunately, construction jobs are considered high risk because of the likelihood of accidents among workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 25% of construction workers have been injured while at work, while one out of every five workplace fatalities were caused by construction accidents. Along with the higher likelihood of being injured, the injuries are often more serious than other workplace injuries because of the nature of the job.

Many people work in construction, and it’s important that you feel protected while at work. If you currently work in this industry, or are considering a career in this industry, here are the most common accidents in construction and workplace injuries to avoid. If you are injured at work, you have rights and Cruz & Associates is here to help.

Four Common Construction Site Accidents

If health and safety procedures aren’t in place, it can result in a dangerous working environment. An unsafe environment can include hazards such as a lack of safety equipment, lack of training, obstructed areas, insufficient safety evaluations, and more. With that in mind, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) created a list of the top deadly hazards. Here are the most common accidents in construction:


Over 36% of workplace fatalities occur from employees falling. This includes falls from heights, slips and trips. The most common injuries are the result of uneven surfaces, unprotected work areas, improperly constructed work surfaces, or lack of fall protection. Construction workers are also at higher risk for falling off ladders, roofs, scaffolding, or high elevation areas. Spills and trips are often caused by misplaced items or wet surfaces.

Struck by an Object

According to OSHA, a struck-by hazard includes flying, swinging, falling or rolling objects. These injuries happen when forcible contact or impact occurs between an injured person and an object. Tools, equipment, debris, construction materials, and pieces of scaffolding can fall from overhead and cause serious, even fatal, injury to a construction worker.


Construction sites are a known electrical hazard area due to exposed wiring, exposed outlets, unfinished electrical systems, power lines, improper power cords, wet conditions, and more. Many employees are often unaware of the hazards that exist in their workplace, making them more vulnerable to electrocution. Electrocution can result in burns, nerve damage, cardiac arrest, and other serious injuries. Adhering to OSHA’s specific standards for electrical safety in the workplace can mitigate electrocution risk.

Caught by an Object

This workplace accident occurs when an employee is injured due to being caught between two or more objects. For this category, the most common accidents in construction involve excavation collapses, moving machinery, rotating equipment, collapsing structures, or being trapped by materials.

How to Prevent Injuries in the Construction Industry

Construction companies have a responsibility to provide their workers with the proper tools and training, along with a safe environment. If your workplace isn’t adequately protecting you, contact our law firm immediately following an accident. Here are some of the most important safety protocols you can follow to prevent injury:

  • Follow OSHA guidelines and safety regulations
  • Wear the recommended uniform and all required PPE
  • Train employees in work and safety protocols
  • Keep work areas clean, organized and well lit
  • Don’t move with an obstructed view
  • Secure materials properly to prevent falling hazards
  • Avoid positions near or between heavy and/or moving objects
  • Use multiple points of contact when mounting and dismounting from equipment

Contact Cruz & Associates for Help in Atlanta and Phoenix

Whether your injury was caused by a lack of employee training, poor equipment, hazardous exposure, or another common construction site accident, Cruz & Associates is here to help. Our bilingual, workers’ compensation attorneys will make sure you receive the compensation you need.
If you’ve been hurt on the job while working in the construction industry, your employer should be held liable. Contact Cruz & Associates in Phoenix or Atlanta for a free consultation to begin your injury lawsuit.

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