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What to Do if You Were Injured at Work and Don’t Have Medical Insurance

Having no medical insurance and getting injured at work can be the cause of a lot of stress. Many people worry about how they will pay for their medical bills, and how they will provide for their family if their injury keeps them from working. However, if you have been injured on the job, you should not be required to pay for your own medical expenses. Under both Georgia and Arizona law, workplace injuries are covered under workers’ compensation insurance.

If you have been injured at work and are worried about how you will pay for your medical expenses, we understand how stressful that can be. We want to help answer your questions and provide clarity about what steps you should take to ensure you receive the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. Give Cruz & Associates a call to speak to one of our bilingual legal representatives in Atlanta, Georgia or Phoenix, Arizona today.

Difference Between Workers’ Comp Insurance and Medical Insurance

Being injured at work and having no medical insurance can be stressful, but you have no need to worry. Below is some information explaining the difference between medical insurance and workers’ comp insurance, and why your injury should be covered under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance plan.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance covers preventive care as well as treatment for injuries and illnesses that occur off the job. Medical insurance pays for a majority of the cost of treatment and doctor’s visits, and the patient is required to pay a small amount, known as a copay, at the time of the appointment. They are also required to pay a determined amount when picking up prescriptions and before a procedure. If a patient does not have medical insurance, they can receive the same medical treatments and go to the same doctors, but it will be significantly more expensive.

However, if an injury happens on the job or an illness is a direct result from the job, this is considered a workplace injury and would be covered under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ Comp Insurance

Workers’ comp insurance is a form of insurance that businesses have in order to cover expenses if an employee gets hurt as a result of their job. This protects the employee by providing them with waived medical costs while also protecting the employer legally. In the state of Georgia, businesses are required to possess workers’ compensation insurance if they have three or more employees. In the state of Arizona, workers’ comp insurance is required if a business has one or more employees.

How much workers’ comp benefits an employee can potentially receive can vary based on the employee’s injury. Workers’ comp insurance can cover initial medical costs, future medical costs (including any therapies or future surgeries that may be needed), disability benefits, and, in extreme cases, funeral expenses.

Have Additional Questions? Contact Cruz & Associates Today

If you have no medical insurance but were injured at work, you can talk to our legal team about how your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will cover a majority of your expenses. If you have additional questions about what expenses should be covered from the workers’ comp insurance, give our Atlanta or Phoenix office a call to schedule a free consultation today.

One of our dedicated legal representatives will be happy to answer your questions and assess your individual situation to make sure you are getting the benefits you deserve. Cruz & Associates has over 30 years of experience representing workers’ compensation cases and will help ensure you are getting the right coverage from your employer’s workers’ comp insurance.

Medical Insurance can be expensive, but if you have been injured on the job your medical costs should be covered under workers’ comp insurance

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