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Is a Doctor Actually Necessary for Workers’ Compensation?

A lot of people in the midst of a workers’ compensation case wonder if a workers’ comp doctor is actually necessary for their claim, and the answer to that depends on whether or not you want to achieve the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to. In short, the value of a doctor for a workers’ compensation claim is immeasurable because of the amount of support they provide your case. It is definitely possible to fight a workers’ compensation case without an approved workers’ comp doctor, but the evidence of your injury is not as strong when there is no doctor to medically back your injuries in the courtroom.

If you have been injured on the job and are wondering if you need to see a workers’ comp doctor, or if you are wondering if your injury qualifies you for a workers’ comp case, you need to talk to a lawyer you can rely on to give you honest answers. Give Cruz & Associates a call to talk to a dedicated, bilingual attorney who can answer all of your workers’ comp related questions. We’ll fight for the maximum benefits you deserve.

The Value of a Doctor in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have been injured at your workplace or as a result of your job, you need to get your injuries assessed by a medical professional right away. By seeing a doctor as soon as the symptoms or injury occurs, your doctor is able to keep a documented timeline of when your injury happened, how it has progressed, and any treatment you have been administered.

Having a workers’ comp doctor is crucial for your case because the recorded evidence of your injury is more reliable when it is coming from a medical professional. This is not necessarily because anyone believes you are lying, but because a professionally trained doctor whose medical opinion is indisputable is able to defend your claims with the evidence of your injury.

How to Find a Workers’ Compensation Doctor

In order to have your medical costs covered under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, you have to go to an approved workers’ comp doctor and not just your own primary care physician. To do this, your employer will provide you with a list of approved doctors and specialists who offer the care you need. This way you can be sure your treatment is covered under the workers’ comp insurance plan.

Contact Cruz & Associates with Further Questions

If you have any additional questions about the value of a doctor for a workers’ comp claim, feel free to give our Atlanta or Phoenix office a call today. Or if you are currently dealing with a workers’ comp case, talk to one of our experienced attorneys to learn how we can help you. Starting a workers’ compensation case is stressful enough, and there is no reason for you to have to do it on your own. Cruz & Associates has more than 30 years of experience working and winning workers’ compensation cases, and our team of bilingual lawyers are ready to give you the support you need to achieve the benefits you deserve.

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Workers’ comp doctor examining a patient’s knee in a medical room after a workplace injury.

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