Cruz & Associates is Proud to Give HOPE to Students

About HoPe (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education)

HoPe was born from two young, passionate, and dedicated college students looking for a way to help their fellow peers. David Araya and Angela Hurtado founded HoPe because they too experienced the labels, stereotypes, and difficulties of being a Hispanic high school student. HoPe enables students in high school to have the necessary resources and opportunities available to apply for college, obtain scholarships and be a community leader in the process. HoPe is unlike any organization. Its innovation, uniqueness, and culture have transformed what it means to be a Hispanic student in Georgia. The HoPe Leadership Chapters have revolutionized extra-curricular activities and have reached a 100% graduation rate among all of our members.

What was started 6 years ago with ideas on a yellow napkin has become an integral element of a Hispanic student’s high school career. David and Angela, otherwise known as DnA among their students, continue to empower the lives of students daily through their never-ending commitment to the success of our members. HoPe is more than an organization, it is a family; the HoPe Family. We welcome students, parents, teacher, administrators, donors, supporters and the community at large to join us as we continue growing, continue expanding and continue demonstrating the true potential of our Hispanic youth in America.

HoPe! Breathe it! Live it! Love it! (More Info) http://www.hopestrong.org/

Improving Our Communities is the Core of our Business

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