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Warehouse employees face constant risk at work. Forklift accidents, machinery, falling objects and repetitive work are among the most common causes of warehouse injuries. Many causes of injury are easily avoidable with proper training, safety precautions, and up-to-code equipment. If you’ve been injured in a warehouse accident, it’s likely that you’re entitled to workers’ compensation for your medical bills and any other related financial strain.
The skilled injury attorneys at Cruz & Associates can help you file for workers’ compensation and get the settlement you need after a warehouse accident.

Causes of Warehouse Accidents

Serious injury and even fatal accidents are reported in the industry every year. Common causes of warehouse injuries include:

Language Barriers and Misinformation

For non-English speakers, accident risk is elevated when training is not provided in the necessary language. Every employee is entitled to clear directions when they are expected to perform a work task. If you incorrectly performed a task due to unclear or indecipherable instructions, your injury could be at the fault of your employer.

Equipment Misuse or Malfunction

Your employer is responsible for ensuring warehouse equipment is secure, functioning properly, and ready to use. They are also responsible for ensuring you receive proper training before using machinery such as a forklift. Injuries incurred from equipment accidents may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

Falling Objects

Warehouses are notorious for high, packed shelves and heavy inventory pallets. These hazards pose a high risk of falling and resulting in serious injury for victims below. Falling objects could even prove fatal if they are extremely heavy and fall from a high shelf. Accidents like these are out of your control and our team can help you get compensated for damages.

Slipping & Falling

Slipping and falling is a risk in any workplace, but especially warehouses. There could be loose equipment on the ground that causes you to trip, or an unforeseen puddle of water that makes you slip. It is the responsibility of your employer to provide safe working conditions, so you may be entitled to compensation if you’re injured by slipping, tripping or falling.

Heavy Lifting & More

Warehouse work is often very straining on the body. You may notice back, shoulder, knee and other body aches worsen overtime due to heavy lifting and repetitive motion. If your work requires these movements but has left you injured, we’re here to help.

Injuries & What to Do Next

Injuries or disease from warehouse-related accidents may significantly impact your ability to work and can prevent you from returning to normal work functions. Common injuries include:

  • Degenerative illnesses
  • Repetitive task injuries
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Knee and leg injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Musculoskeletal injuries and more

For work accident victims with serious injuries, lifetime benefits may be available. Our law firm is available to help you understand your options.

Injured on the Job at a Plant or Warehouse?
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