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Get Compensation for Your On-the-Job Knee Injuries

If you sustained a knee injury on the job, or exacerbated a pre-existing injury in the course of your work duties, you may be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. Know your legal options after sustaining a knee injury – and when to contact a Phoenix knee injury attorney at the Phoenix workers’ compensation law firm of Cruz & Associates. Our team has over 25 years of practice in Phoenix helping victims of workplace injuries get the compensation they need to make a healthy recovery.

Our knees are some of the hardest working joints in our bodies. We use them all day, every day to walk, bend, sit, stand, and kneel. If you’re moving, chances are you’re using your knees to do it.

Since the knee is such a workhorse, it should come as no surprise that they’re prone to injury. Knee injuries can occur in virtually any work environment, though they tend to be especially common in construction, factory work, or occupations that require a lot of movement.

Knee injury claims can be difficult, because your employer may try to say that your injury was not caused by your work. In this case, having a Phoenix workers’ comp attorney by your side can be helpful. Contact the Phoenix knee injury lawyers at Cruz & Associates for a free initial consultation. Our staff is fully bilingual to serve our Spanish-speaking clients.

Most Common Causes of Knee Injuries

There are virtually limitless ways you can sustain a knee injury, but some are more common than others. Some of the leading causes of workplace injury affecting the knee include:

  • Repetitive use. Heavy lifting, constant movement, and even pressure (such as being on hands and knees) can lead to chronic pain or injury.
  • Traumatic causes. Traumatic causes for knee injury are more common in professions like construction, roofing, or jobs that require working from heights.

Some might associate knee injuries with manual labor, but the reality is that anyone can sustain an occupational knee injury. It might be something as simple as banging your knee against your desk or tripping and falling on a wet patch in the parking lot.

Over time, the cartilage in our knee begins to thin and this can lead to problems. Arthritis and other knee problems can cause chronic pain that may be exacerbated by our work activity. Even if you do not have a strenuous job requiring manual labor, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim when an occupational injury exacerbates a pre-existing knee problem.

Common Knee Injuries

The knee is made up of cartilage, ligaments, tendons and muscles which must all function as one whole unit. An injury to one of these tissues can throw off the entire functionality of the knee, and cause extreme pain for the unlucky person. Common knee injuries include:

Types of Knee Injuries

Knee injuries run the gamut from bruising and broken bones to inflammation of the joint and tendon. Sometimes, the only obvious symptom is pain, though other symptoms like swelling, tenderness, and heat may develop. These symptoms typically indicate that something is wrong with the joint and it requires immediate medical attention.

If you notice any of these symptoms on the job, it’s essential to report them to your employer immediately. Make note of what you were doing when the pain started, how it happened, and who saw you. These will all be important details for your employer to include in a workers’ compensation claim report. Seek medical care from an occupational doctor who is familiar with Arizona workers’ compensation rules – and then contact a Phoenix knee injury lawyer who is also familiar with Arizona workers’ comp laws to begin your claim.