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Encountering an unfortunate foot injury at work can happen to anyone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports around 53,000 foot injuries per year. These work-related injuries can result in missed work days, with damage to your feet potentially keeping you out of work for weeks or months. It may also affect your day-to-day personal life.

If you’ve suffered a foot injury on the job, you don’t have to proceed alone. Contacting Cruz & Associates is the first step toward filing a workers’ compensation claim. We proudly serve Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale and surrounding areas.

Common Workplace Foot Injuries

Workplace foot injuries can range from blisters to severed toes. Injuries could happen due to the wrong footwear, bad flooring, job duties, too much time spent on your feet, and more. Common workplace foot injuries include:

Improper Footwear Problems

In some cases, it may be your employer’s responsibility to provide appropriate footwear because wearing the wrong shoes at work can cause several problems. These include severe aches, blisters, arthritis, athlete’s foot, frostbite and more. Some problems may even leave lasting effects on your feet.

Crushed or Broken Bones

Breaking a bone on the job is a serious injury that requires immediate medical attention. If you work around big machinery or other heavy objects including vehicles, you may be more prone to crushed and broken bones.

Punctures and Amputations

Similar to broken and crushed bones, punctures and amputations are more likely to occur if your job requires work with heavy machinery or sharp objects. Wearing the correct footwear can help avoid these injuries.

Burns and Shocks

Employees working with chemicals, fire, explosives or sources of electricity are at high risk for burn or shock injuries to the feet. While proper footwear can sometimes protect against these scenarios, special safety measures in the workplace are the best way to avoid injury.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are the most common foot injuries. These types of injuries can happen in any workplace setting—likely causes include slipping and falling, tripping, overexertion, repetitive motion, and more.

The Workers’ Compensation Process

Part-time and full-time employees in Arizona are entitled to workers’ compensation. No matter how your injury occurred, your employer must provide benefits and coverage if you were injured on the job.

You should start by notifying your employer of the injury so they may provide you with insurance information to begin your claim. Then, visit a doctor as soon as possible to legitimize your injury and begin necessary treatment. Let your doctor know this is a work-related injury and you intend to file for workers’ compensation. You’ll then need to complete either the Worker’s and Physician’s Report of Injury or the Worker’s Report of Injury.

Your report will then be filed with the Industrial Commission of Arizona, and you can expect to receive a response within 21 days.

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