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Fatal work injuries involving construction workers account for 20% of all workers killed on the job. For people like construction and warehouse workers exposed to unstable environments and high-risk duties, the chance of sustaining a fatal injury at work is high. Families of these workers are greatly impacted both on an emotional and financial level. You have rights to compensation and benefits pertaining to your loved one’s accident.

The wrongful death attorneys at Cruz & Associates are dedicated to helping families in the Phoenix area cope with loss and get the workers’ compensation settlement you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Survivor Benefits

In addition to intense emotional trauma, the financial strain of losing a loved one can be astronomical. Workers’ compensation survivor benefits exist to help families who have lost a loved one to a fatal work accident. These benefits cover:

  • Medical treatment administered to the deceased worker due to the fatal incident
  • Wage replacement benefits OR temporary total disability payments
  • Burial allowance up to $5,000
  • And more

Losing a loved one often means loss of income for your family. At Cruz & Associates, we’re dedicated to helping families stay afloat in times of crisis. Don’t hesitate to call our team for an experienced compensation advocate you can trust.

Who Qualifies for These Benefits?

While the grief of losing a loved one affects many people, survivor benefits are limited to specific family members and certain cases. According to the state of Arizona, the following parties may be entitled to survivor benefits:

Surviving Spouse

Benefits are provided to the surviving spouse at the rate of 66.67% if there are no children. With children, the surviving spouse is eligible to receive 35% compensation.

Children or Stepchildren

For children and stepchildren, benefits are extended until the age of 22 if they are enrolled as a full-time student and age 18 if they are not a student. The compensation may continue throughout the child’s life if they are disabled.


Parents who were entirely dependent on the deceased employee may receive 40% compensation as a couple. Single dependent parents may also receive 40%.


If one sibling is entirely dependent on the deceased employee, they may receive 25% compensation. If more than one sibling is dependent, they will divide 35% compensation evenly.

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The AFL-CIO reports that an estimated 275 workers per day, every single day of the year, have died due to hazardous working conditions on the job. If your loved one has suffered a life-ending injury due a work-related accident, you need an experienced attorney who’s on your side, working to protect your rights and secure the maximum benefits your family is entitled to.

At Cruz & Associates, our team of attorneys offer both compassion and capability while handling fatal work accident cases. Contact us to set up a free consultation either online or by phone at (602) 777-6666. Someone from our office is available 24/7 to help.