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Ridesharing is a relatively new means of transportation. Within the last decade, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have overshadowed the taxi industry with their affordable, fast and easy-to-use modes of getting from one place to another.

Rideshare companies are no strangers to liability and insurance, but they’ve done a good job of releasing themselves from any responsibility should an accident occur. Essentially, rideshare companies issue the necessary software for drivers to connect with passengers, and drivers are left to their own devices after that.

Issues With Ridesharing

As a newer industry, there are still some bumps in the infrastructure of rideshare companies. Major ridesharing corporations often get around claiming responsibility for accidents because they consider their drivers independent contractors. This means that there is virtually no company overhead to protect drivers or passengers. More issues that arise with rideshare companies include:

No Driver Training

Because these companies don’t claim drivers as their own employees, there is no incentive to ensure drivers have basic safety skills on the road. Most companies don’t conduct background checks on their drivers (or their passengers), so there’s no way of knowing if the driver has a history of poor driving.

Little Regulation

Unlike traditional taxi companies, there are very few rules and regulations rideshare companies must follow. Having a rideshare accident lawyer who is familiar with local Arizona rideshare laws will help you better understand your rights if you’ve been in a related accident.

Vague Insurance Policy

Rideshare drivers are required to carry their own insurance policy in addition to the overhead company insurance. The company is expected to pay if an accident occurs during a company-approved ride, but it is often difficult to win these claims. That’s why having a strong legal team on your side is essential.

How Our Experienced Lawyers Can Help You

After calling the police, it’s important to get insurance information for all parties involved. Because the rideshare company likely will not cover for their driver, this process is generally treated similarly to a traditional car accident. There may be exceptions to this rule, however, and our team can help you decipher next steps after a rideshare accident.

Injuries sustained in a rideshare accident can range from broken bones to fatalities. Don’t allow the nuance of this situation to deter you from seeking help. The top personal injury attorneys at Cruz & Associates can work with you to ensure you receive full and fair compensation.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a rideshare accident in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale or Glendale, you don’t have to navigate this situation alone. Our team of personal injury lawyers can help you tackle your next steps.

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