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Pedestrians have no protection from the dangers of the road. If a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, there is no structural protection, helmet or other gear coming between the victim and objects of impact. This can result in some of the most serious injuries of any type of vehicle collision.
The pedestrian accident lawyers at Cruz & Associates focus on auto collisions in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale and Glendale. We can help victims of pedestrian accidents secure financial compensation. To discuss your case with one of the top Phoenix injury lawyers, contact us for a free initial consultation.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Collisions in Phoenix

In our almost 30 years of experience as a practice, we’ve learned one main truth about pedestrian collisions—they are preventable. It is up to every driver in Arizona to watch for pedestrians, obey traffic rules, and yield the right-of-way at crosswalks. It is the city’s job to maintain crosswalks and traffic signals, and to design streets and sidewalks that put pedestrian safety first. When drivers fail to fulfill their duties to pedestrians, harmful collisions happen. The main causes of pedestrian accidents include:

Driver Negligence

Drivers who text behind the wheel, drive drowsy, or don’t pay attention to the road are the most at risk of causing pedestrian collisions. Negligent drivers make errors that can prove fatal to vulnerable road users. If a negligent driver struck you, you may consider a civil claim for compensation for your financial losses.

Driver Recklessness

Negligence refers to failure to fulfill a duty, but recklessness describes doing something without thinking or caring about the consequences. If a driver drinks and drives, speeds, runs red lights, or rolls through stop signs, they are recklessly endangering the lives of others. Unsuspecting pedestrians can often bear the brunt of this endangerment.

Unsafe Crosswalks

Sometimes pedestrians and drivers observe the rules and regulations of the road with due diligence, but still end up in collisions. In these cases, it could be the design of the roadway, intersection or crosswalk to blame. For instance, the city’s failure to maintain its crosswalks, like in cases leading to a malfunctioning signal, could put the city at fault for a collision.

Have Questions About Your Pedestrian Accident?

The trusted pedestrian accident attorneys in Phoenix have helped thousands of clients since our firm’s start in 1989. Injured pedestrians likely have several pressing questions on their minds.

“Who is at fault?”
“Can I recover from my injuries?”
“What if I’m partially responsible?”

We’re here to answer these questions, ease victims’ minds, and address concerns after a collision. Our offices provide 24/7 services to answer your questions when you need help the most.
One of the most common questions we receive is whether an injured person has a case. If you suspect that someone—a driver, fellow pedestrian, the city, a product manufacturer, or any other person—was negligent and this negligence contributed to your injuries, odds are you have grounds to file a personal injury claim.
If a driver struck you and took off, you can also file a hit-and-run claim with your insurance company. A conversation with one of our attorneys can help you understand all the possibilities for recovery after a pedestrian collision.

Hiring a Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you believe you have grounds to bring a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a driver, the government or another party for a pedestrian collision, talk to a Cruz & Associates attorney at our Phoenix office.
Our lawyers can walk you through the steps to file a claim and help you learn the potential value of your case. We’ll make sure you don’t miss an important filing deadline and maximize your chances of full compensation. Contact us today, online or over the phone, to schedule your complimentary case evaluation.