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Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case

Cruz & Associates has helped injured people receive fair financial compensation for more than a quarter of a century. Rubén Cruz and his team of Phoenix personal injury attorneys work hard to protect people against insurance companies, truck companies, product manufacturers, medical providers, and others infringing on the rights of injured victims. We care about what happens to our clients, and we work around the clock to secure them the best possible compensation. After any type of accident in Phoenix, let our team of injury lawyers navigate the complex legal system on your behalf.

Why Choose Cruz & Associates for Your Phoenix Personal Injury Case?

When Mr. Cruz founded his law practice in 1989, he did so with one main intention – to help people. He recognized the pitfalls in the civil justice system that too often sent injured victims home with little to no compensation. He put together a team of dedicated lawyers to help people in Phoenix and Atlanta who can benefit from legal representation during personal injury and insurance claims. Almost 30 years later, Cruz & Associates has helped thousands of clients secure the financial award they needed to move on with their lives after negligence-related injuries. Accident victims trust our Phoenix firm for a number of reasons, including:

  • Personal service and client care. When you call our firm, you immediately hear the warm and friendly voice of one of our legal assistants, offering help in whatever form you need. You can arrange a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys, who can meet you in your home or hospital to discuss your case.
  • Custom approach to each individual case. You don’t achieve the kind of results we’ve secured over the years with a “template” or “off-the-shelf” legal strategy. Great results require custom client solutions. We’ll discuss your unique goals for your case and give our professional advice as to how best to fight for these results. We treat each case like our first, constantly providing one-on-one support to clients. We believe in communication, honesty, and tailored legal services.
  • Years of knowledge and experience. Our experience means you can have confidence that our firm has encountered cases like yours. In the unusual even that we haven’t seen a case like yours, we have the education and resources to handle it with the utmost attention. Our lawyers collectively have over 100 years of legal experience. We focus on workers’ compensation and auto accident claims, as well as many other areas of personal injury and wrongful death law.

What You Need to Know About Personal Injury Law in Phoenix

If you retain our team, you can trust that we will treat you case with the attention it needs and with the respect you deserve. We will take care of virtually every aspect of your claim, from start to finish. We know, however, that there are many pressing questions on your mind after suffering injuries or losing a loved one in an accident in Phoenix. We keep accident victims as informed about the law and their rights as possible. Laws vary state by state and even county by county. Five of the most important Arizona laws to understand regarding a personal injury case include:

  1. Negligence-based claims. The majority of personal injury lawsuits hinge on the legal concept of negligence. “Negligence” is any action or behavior that falls outside of the individual or entity’s duties of care to another person. To receive compensation for an accident, most injured parties must prove the other party’s negligence, or breach of duty of care. In cases involving strict liability (such as many product liability claims), however, victims might not have to prove negligence to recover.
  2. Arizona’s at-fault car accident system. To obtain compensation after a car accident, you must show the other driver’s fault. All injured parties will look to the at-fault driver’s insurance company for primary damage recovery. This is in contrast to “no-fault” states, in which all drivers will seek recovery through their own insurers, regardless of fault. Proving fault can be difficult and require help from an attorney.
  3. Pure comparative negligence rules. Arizona is also a pure comparative negligence state, meaning that if your case goes to trial, the courts could assign you a percentage of fault for the accident. If this is the case, you could still receive compensation. The courts will simply reduce your award by an amount equivalent to your percentage of fault. You could be 99% at fault for the crash and still recover damages in Arizona.
  4. Statutes of limitations. In Arizona, an injured party has two years from the date of an accident to file a personal injury claim. If you don’t discover your injuries until later, the clock starts at the date of discovery. The two-year deadline also applies to property-damage only claims. There are exceptions to statutes of limitations in limited circumstances, so ask a lawyer about your specific time limit.
  5. Workers’ compensation laws. The Arizona workers’ compensation system will reimburse injured workers’ medical expenses and two-thirds of lost wages. Should you choose to file a civil lawsuit instead or on top of a workers’ comp claim, you could receive lost wage reimbursement with no cap, as well as pain and suffering and punitive damages. Knowing which type of claim to file can require help from a lawyer.

Call our Phoenix personal injury lawyers at (602) 777-6666, and experience the Cruz & Associates difference yourself. We are 100% committed to providing unparalleled client care. We work with integrity, serving our clients’ best interests and providing outstanding legal representation. Our Phoenix team is bilingual, so if Spanish is your native language, you can feel comfortable using it with our staff and attorneys.