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Can You Resign While on Workers’ Compensation?

Many clients ask our workers’ compensation attorneys what the rules and regulations are when it comes to quitting a job while on workers’ compensation. The simple answer to if you can quit while receiving workers’ compensation benefits is, yes you can! However, like any job, once you quit you stop getting paychecks, or in this case workers’ compensation. Your employer is only required to provide these benefits to their own employees, so if you are no longer employed at their company the benefits stop coming in.

If you want more information about your individual situation when it comes to resigning while on workers’ compensation, give Cruz & Associates a call to talk to one of our experienced attorneys. We speak Spanish and English, and are here to make sure you have all the facts before you make any life-altering decisions. Our Atlanta and Phoenix legal teams have years of experience fighting for workers like you, and part of this includes making sure you’re prepared to make the best decision for you and your family.

What to Do If You Are Considering Resigning While on Workers’ Comp

At Cruz & Associates, we understand that life doesn’t stop after you get injured on the job and workers’ compensation benefits start coming in. A lot of different situations could pop up, causing you to rethink the job you are currently at. However, quitting your job while you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits is a big decision, which is why we’re here to help you consider a few things before finalizing your next step.

Make Certain You Are Completely Recovered

When considering if you want to quit your job while receiving workers’ comp benefits, one important thing to remember is your health. You want to make sure you are completely healed before you quit because your benefits, including medical coverage, will be gone once you resign. If you lose your medical insurance because you resign, you would have to pay out of pocket for any medical treatments you may require. This could be a big financial burden on you and your family.

You also want to make sure you are recovered so you know you can actually obtain another job and work that job without causing further damage to your health. If you quit before you are able to work at another job, you could find yourself in a predicament where you have no income coming in to support yourself and your family. This is why we suggest you stay at your current job until you are completely recovered. If you have a special circumstance where you think you need to leave your job before you are healed completely, give our office a call to receive legal advice in a free first consultation.

Secure a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you’re seriously considering resigning from your job while on workers’ compensation, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer before you make any big decisions that could impact your physical, financial and emotional health. Our team will examine your unique situation and help you understand all of your options before you inform your employer of your decision.

More Workers’ Comp Questions? Contact Cruz & Associates Today

If you have additional questions about quitting your job while on workers’ compensation, give Cruz & Associates a call for a free consultation. Let our dedicated team of workers’ comp attorneys assess your situation. Together, we’ll discuss what the best choice for you is when it comes to resigning while on workers’ compensation. Our Atlanta and Phoenix offices have over 30 years of experience representing workers’ compensation cases.

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