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If you’ve been on Social Security benefits after a severe injury, illness or surgery, returning to work can be daunting. If your doctor has NOT cleared you to work, it’s recommended you do not return to work for any reason. However, you may still be in pain even when your doctor clears you to work. If this is the case, it’s important to keep your disability attorney on call so that we can oversee how your case is unfolding.


It’s important to understand that your doctor and employer should work together to keep your needs at the center of all their decisions.


How to Proceed With Returning to Work

If you don’t feel ready to go back to work, we recommend following the doctor’s orders and working to the best of your ability, but keep a few things in mind:


Talk to Your Doctor About Your Duties

Ensure that your doctor has a full understanding of what’s expected from you at work. If they realize there are more physical demands than previously thought, your no work status may be reinstated. Most people cannot receive wage loss benefits past two years after their accident, so be mindful of this when talking with your doctor.


Consult With Your Company

Your company should be aware that your no work status has been lifted. If you are not confident that you can perform your previous role, your company is likely obligated to see if there is a role at the company you’ll be better suited for. Your doctor and company should work together in ensuring you’re able to perform the duties expected of you. Do not simply assume you’re unable to do a job—insurance companies may take this as unwillingness to work and discontinue your benefits.


Stay in Touch With Your Attorney

Through this process, it’s imperative that you stay in touch with your attorney at Cruz & Associates. We can also consult with your doctor and employer to be sure both parties have your best interest in mind. We can also help you understand timelines and decisions so you never feel like any part of the process is out of your control.


Can I Change Doctors?

It is not recommended to change doctors while going through disability programs. It can be advantageous to see a doctor who has been involved with your case from the beginning. Doctors also may be more in tune with what your body is truly capable of, though only you know how you truly feel. The right doctor should listen to you and your needs.


If that has not been your experience, it may be possible to switch doctors. This is when it’s important to have a disability attorney on your side to advocate for you with an unbiased legal perspective. If you’re considering attempting to change doctors after being cleared for work, let the dedicated team at Cruz & Associates help you through the process.


Consult Our Top Attorneys Today

We understand that transitioning out of disability is not easy. The skilled attorneys at Cruz & Associates are here to make the transition easier on you. If your doctor has been considering clearing you for work, or has already made the call, and you’re uncomfortable with their decision, we may be able to help.


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