Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Atlanta And Phoenix

So you’ve been approved to receive workers’ compensation benefits after your workplace injury, that is great news! But you may now be wondering, what next? Oftentimes, there is a good amount of confusion over what happens after you’re approved to start receiving workers’ compensation benefits. When do I start receiving the benefits? What all do […]

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Starting A New Job With Workers’ Compensation In Atlanta And Phoenix

If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits from your current employer, but are considering getting a new job, you should speak to a Cruz & Associates workers’ compensation attorney before you make any career-related decisions. The laws surrounding workers’ compensation benefits vary depending on what state you are living and working in, but our Phoenix […]

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Can You Resign While On Workers’ Compensation?

Many clients ask our workers’ compensation attorneys what the rules and regulations are when it comes to quitting a job while on workers’ compensation. The simple answer to if you can quit while receiving workers’ compensation benefits is, yes you can! However, like any job, once you quit you stop getting paychecks, or in this […]

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