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Injured on the Job at an Atlanta Plant or Warehouse?

Warehouse employees face constant risk at work. Injuries resulting from fork-lift accidents, machinery, falling objects and repetitive work are common for warehouse employers. Serious injury and even fatal accidents are reported in the industry every year. For Hispanics, the risk is elevated when training is not provided to non-English speakers or when workers are not provide proper equipment. Degenerate illnesses and conditions are also common for workers performing reparative tasks or exposure to harmful chemicals.

Fortunately, the Atlanta warehouse injury lawyers at Cruz & Associates have dedicated themselves to helping employees around Atlanta file and fight for their workers’ compensation claims and get the money they need to make a full and lasting recovery. Call our team today to see how we can help you or your loved one fight for workers’ compensation in Atlanta.

Types of Warehouse Injuries in Atlanta

Injuries or disease from warehouse related accidents may significantly impact your ability to work and can prevent you from returning to normal work functions. For work accident victims with this type of injury, lifetime benefits may be available.

Common types of warehouse accidents can include:

  • Forklift accidents – These large pieces of equipment are a staple in warehouses and construction sites throughout Georgia. Although they help move large loads around, they can also become dangerous if someone is not paying attention or if the driver is not properly trained.
  • Falling objects – Warehouses often have inventory piled high on shelves, if something on a higher shelf becomes lose and falls to the ground, it can easily become a fatal accident. Having a properly trained staff is necessary in preventing falling objects.
  • Slip, trip & falls – Warehouse workers are constantly on the move to make sure product gets where it needs to go. Because of this, they can easily overlook a small object in the way or a puddle on the ground.
  • Pallet rack collapses – Much like falling objects, pallet racks collapsing can be a result of an improperly trained staff. Most inventory in warehouses are stored on pallets for ease of transport within the warehouse and to their final destination. Having a stack of pallets collapse can cause immense damage and injury to warehouse workers.
  • Ergonomic strain – Lifting heavy loads can easily exacerbate a workers’ back and the rest of his or her body. Lifting heavy objects incorrectly is the most common cause of ergonomic strain in  warehouse workers.

Hiring an Atlanta Warehouse Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a warehouse accident or are suffering from pain due to your daily work functions, you need an experienced attorney who’s on your side, working to secure the best medical treatment and securing the benefits you are entitled to! At Cruz & Associates, our experienced team of warehouse accident attorneys is dedicated to injured workers and know how to protect your rights.

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