If you’ve have suffered a serious injury on the job, Cruz & Associates in Atlanta are construction accident attorneys you can trust. Working in construction can be one of the most dangerous jobs in America. When an accident happens on the job site, serious injuries may keep you out of work for weeks, months, or even longer. Construction workers aren’t the only people at risk. Because of the dangerous nature of the work, Atlanta pedestrians or its many drivers may also suffer damages due to negligent construction work practices, poorly-designed scaffolding, or inadequate equipment.

Our construction accident attorneys have secured millions of dollars in compensation for clients injured on the job at construction sites. That money goes to help pay medical bills, make up for lost wages due to missed time at work, and for rehabilitation so that victims can get their lives back after an injury. Cruz & Associates has a track record of success because we put the client first, and we’re committed to helping you receive a fair settlement. With over 25 years of experience in the Atlanta metro-area, Cruz & Associates has both the compassion and experience to help you after your construction accident.

Why Do I Need a Construction Accident Attorney?

After a jobsite injury, a representative for the workers’ compensation insurance company may contact you soon after your construction accident. However, workers compensation usually only pays employees a portion of their wages, and it may not fully cover medical and rehabilitation costs. Though the process is different, the result is similar for those who suffer injuries from a construction site who are not employees. An insurance representative may offer a settlement for their injuries, but it’s unlikely their offer will adequately pay for all aspects of their injuries or damages to their cars. In both scenarios, it’s best to speak with an Atlanta construction injury attorney before making a decision.

When an attorney represents construction accident victims, they tend to receive more compensation than those who do not have an attorney. This is true in part because they have a better understanding of the ways an injury can affect a victim’s life. Their insight can be crucial to helping you receive a fair financial arrangement that includes money for medical bills, lost wages, or future lost income.

At Cruz & Associates, we have experience negotiating with insurance companies. Our attorneys will negotiate for every dollar a negligent employer or manufacturer owes you for your construction accident injury.

Many cases cannot be resolved in a settlement fairly. If you do not receive a fair settlement offer, your case may need to go to trial. In this situation, your lawyer will gather evidence and present the facts of your case in a way that makes it clear that defendant owes you fair compensation.

Who Is Liable for My Injury on a Construction Site?

The government enacted workers’ compensation programs to guarantee employees who suffer injury at work receive fair treatment. If you suffered an injury on the job due to an accident, workers’ compensation insurance will cover regardless of who was responsible for your injury. Even in cases where the accident was your fault, worker’s compensation steps in to cover the costs of your injury. However, injuries on construction sites rarely fall on the shoulders of one person.

In some cases, employees make mistakes because the employers didn’t offer proper training. In other cases, aging or defective equipment may have worked in tandem with an employee mistake to cause a devastating injury to a worker or an innocent passerby.

In fact, many entities could be responsible for an accident. If you were driving the company vehicle for work and suffered an injury in a car accident, workers’ comp would be responsible for covering your medical bills and lost wages. However, you may also seek compensation from the driver responsible for the accident. In these cases, you may sue for damages in addition to those covered by workers’ comp, including compensation for pain and suffering.

Perhaps you were using a tool or other equipment for work when a defect in that equipment resulted in an injury accident. In that case, you may pursue a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring their product is safe for its intended use. If it failed that reasonable expectation and caused your injury, you should consider seeking compensation for your injury.

In some cases, the injury resulted from poor or irresponsible conduct by the employer. If Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or an owner required a manager to provide specific training on dangerous equipment, and he or she failed to do so, the manager may be responsible for any resulting injury. The employer would be liable for your injury beyond workers’ compensation.

What Are the Most Common Construction Accidents in Atlanta?

Many types of accidents occur on a construction site, but the most common are falls. Many employers fail to provide adequate ladder safety training or use dated equipment. Falls from a ladder can produce back injuries, head injuries, fractured bones, traumatic brain injuries, and paralysis.

Scaffolds, too, are a common source of accidents on constructions sites. By design, the scaffold is a temporary structure to support workers as they accomplish their job. Failing to properly set up and secure a scaffold leads to many accidents and injuries each year. A fall from a scaffold can cause serious disability and even death.

Electrocution is a common worry among construction workers. Working near overhead power lines is a frequent source of tragic accidents on construction sites. It does not take very much electricity to have a devastating effect on the human body. Many fatal electrocution accidents are a result of victims going into cardiac arrests. Damage to other internal organs is also common in electrocution victims. Burns from the electricity, as well as falls from dangerous heights because of the electrocution, are also common.

Construction vehicles on the worksite often strike workers, causing serious injury. Forklifts, loaders, bulldozers, trucks, and automobiles are tools for construction worksites. In some cases, a worker may end up caught between another vehicle or between the load it is carrying and another solid object, causing crushing injuries.

In addition to injuries that occur suddenly, construction workers may experience long-term problems such as damage to ears from working around loud equipment over long periods. Employees may also develop illnesses related to caustic chemicals construction sites often use. When employers don’t take reasonable precautions, it can affect employees’ health in ways that may not show up until years later.

What Protections Do Construction Workers Have in Georgia?

Workers’ compensation insurance is the primary protection for Georgia workers. State law requires most employers to have workers compensation insurance. If an employer has three or more employees – be they part-time, seasonal, or full-time – they must carry workers comp insurance. Even employers with less than three employees must have carry workers comp is it is incorporated or is an LLC. Because the insurance pays compensation regardless of fault, workers don’t have to establish the construction company is at fault for their accident.

If you suffered an injury at work and believe the fault rests on your shoulders, speak with an attorney. Though you may be partially responsible, it’s also possible that OSHA violations or defective equipment also played a part. OSHA works to ensure that employers take reasonable precautions. Employers must comply with federal regulations to protect employee safety and may face fines or stiffer penalties if they do not comply.

Pending Construction Projects in Atlanta

As Atlanta citizens know, there is rarely a time when construction isn’t in progress in the metro-area. Currently, groundbreaking has taken place in College Park for the Gateway Center, a venue that will host up to 5,000 people for Atlanta Hawks games and serve as a concert venue. Downtown Atlanta will offer new retail and office sites for the project known as Block 3 and Coda. This large Midtown project is beginning to rise above the below groundwork, which has been ongoing since the summer of 2017.

Major Construction Companies Working in Downtown and Throughout Atlanta

Holder Construction company is one of the largest commercial contractors in Atlanta with over $2 billion in revenue in 2015. Turner Construction tops the list in current revenue with over $10 billion in 2015. Other companies in the top five include Brasfield & Gorrie LLC, The Conlan Co., and JE Dunn Construction Co. These companies form the backbone for much of the construction that takes place in and around Atlanta today.

Find Legal Help After an Atlanta Construction Accident

At Cruz & Associates, we recognize that your need for legal counsel doesn’t always take place during business hours, so we have someone ready to speak with you 24/7. Our staff is bilingual, so you can feel comfortable speaking to us in Spanish or English. We treat every case as though it were the most important because we recognize that, for you, it is.

We will arrange a free consultation with one of our attorneys for you. There is no obligation, and we can even meet you at your home or hospital bed. We charge no money up front, and you will never owe your attorney money until we are able to get you a settlement or verdict. Call today and let our experienced team go to work on your behalf.