Suffering from a Repetitive Stress Injury Like Carpal Tunnel

Jobs that involve repetitive use of the hands can lead to debilitating pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal tunnel is often caused by repetitive actions like factory line work or typing, and can usually be treated fairly easily. However, if the carpal tunnel is more severe, you can seek treatment for weeks if you you need cortisone shots or physical therapy. If left untreated, carpal tunnel can become worse and even become permanent.

If you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, you should seek medical treatment immediately and begin the workers’ compensation claims process through your employer. If you feel your workers’ compensation claim is not being fairly recognized, contact the team of Atlanta workers’ comp lawyers at Cruz & Associates to see how we can help with your claim and ensure you’re receiving your benefits throughout your recovery.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are numerous signs a person has carpal tunnel. However, the most obvious symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include:

  • Tingling of the hands
  • Numbness
  • Weak grip

Workers exposed to repetitive duties and are more prone to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include: cashiers, factory workers, office workers, assembly line workers, and machine operators. Carpal tunnel also affects a large amount of stationary workers who type on their computers all day. This injury is very threatening because it affects such a large range of workers – both manual and stationary.

Hiring an Atlanta Carpal Tunnel Injury Attorney

Workers suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often are unable to work pain free and this type of injury can lead to permanent disability for some.

If you’re suffering from pain from repetitive work or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you need an experienced Atlanta carpal tunnel attorney who’s on your side, working to secure the best medical treatment and the maximum benefits you’re entitled to. At Cruz & Associates, our experienced team of attorneys specialize in representing workers injured on the job and know how to protect your rights. Whether it’s a carpal tunny injury, shoulder injury, denied workers’ comp claim or brain injury in Atlanta – Cruz & Associates is here to help.

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