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Have You Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury from a Work Accident?

Our Atlanta brain injury lawyers know brain injuries, commonly known as Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), resulting from a workplace accident can lead to permanent disability, affecting your family, social life, and career, and in extreme cases, even death. A fall or impact from an object to the head can lead to serious injuries that may be difficult because oftentimes the victim may not show symptoms for days or weeks. A traumatic brain injury may significantly impact your ability to work and is often considered a catastrophic injury, specifically if it permanently prevents you from returning to your normal work functions. For work accident victims who have suffered traumatic brain injuries or other head injuries, lifetime benefits that may be available. To maximize your chances of getting full compensation for your brain injury, hiring an Atlanta brain injury attorney is the best move you can make.

Fortunately, the Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys at Cruz & Associates have over 25 years of experience in representing the American worker and the brain injuries they sustained on the job. Our firm has dedicated our practice to representing injured employees throughout the United States, and facing large corporations and their lawyers. Call us today to see how you can get compensation for your workplace injury.

Compensation for Atlanta Brain Injury Damages

When you experience a brain injury at your place of work, you may be out of work for weeks, months, or indefinitely. Additionally, medical bills associated with your traumatic brain injury or head injury can begin to pile up. Monetary compensation for your injury can help you and your family remain financially stable in a time of uncertainty. However, in the state of Georgia, workers injured by negligence of another on the job can be eligible for non-monetary damages as well.

You and your Atlanta brain injury attorney must prove in court that your injury was sustained because of the negligence of someone else. If you’re able to prove this, you may be entitled to receive damages like:

  • Past medical bills – Bills accumulated from emergency care, doctor’s visits, medications, surgery or other medical treatments that have already been accrued.
  • Future medical bills – Bills that you anticipate to accrue in the future such as ongoing doctor’s visits, physical or occupational therapy, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Lost wages – If your brain injury leaves you out of work for a prolonged time or if you are unable to return to work, you may be entitled to recouping the wages you lost because of it.
  • Pain and suffering – Non-monetary damages like pain and suffering may be awarded in extreme cases.

In the rare and unfortunate case that a loved one’s brain injury results in death, you may be able to file a workers’ comp wrongful death suit against the company or negligent person.

Causes of Brain Injuries at Work

Manual laborers have some of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Whether it’s on a construction site or in a warehouse, TBIs are a frequent threat to the well-being of workers. Some common causes of brain injuries include:

  • Slip and falls
  • Falling debris or objects
  • Failure to wear proper head protection
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Faulty equipment
  • Inadequate training

Statute of Limitations for Georgia Brain Injury Cases

In the state of Georgia, you only have two years from when your injury occurs to file a claim. If you are unaware of a brain injury, some courts will extend the time limit to two years from the time you initially realized you had a TBI. In either case, you should contact an Atlanta brain injury lawyer as soon as possible if you have experienced any type of head trauma at work. The legal knowledge a local Atlanta attorney provides can help get your case on the right path, and earn you the compensation you need to make a full and lasting recovery.

Hiring an Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered from a traumatic brain injury on the job in Atlanta, you need an experienced brain injury lawyer who’s on your side working to secure the best medical treatment and securing all the benefits you’re entitled to. At Cruz & Associates, our experienced team of Atlanta work injury attorneys is dedicated to injured workers and know how to protect your rights. Contact us today for a FREE initial case consultation to see if you have a case and what we can do to help you 404.444.1111.

“Great firm. They were up front and honest on what to expect going through the process in trying to settle my case. Anytime I called there was always someone who could answer my questions. Everything they told me from the start is what occurred and I even got a little more in my settlement then I was expecting. Would use them again and would recommend the firm to anyone.” -Jay Rademacher