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Serious back and neck injuries can keep you from working your job, and the last thing you need while trying to recover is the stress of finances and medical bills. If you’ve experienced a workplace back or neck injury, our expert back injury attorneys are here to help. Let our Atlanta team at Cruz & Associates assess your case and start fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Back Injuries in the Workplace

A back or neck injury can come in many different forms, from many different job tasks. Even s1omething as simple as sitting at a desk all day can cause a back injury. However, there are three main types of back injuries that are caused in the workplace.

Back Strain and Sprains

The first being straining the back from overuse or overstretching the muscles causing tight, sharp pain. Another common type of back injury is a back sprain where the ligaments get torn from sudden movements.

Herniated Discs

Perhaps the most common type of back injury is a herniated disc, which is when the cushion-like discs slip out of place and into the cracks of the spine. This can cause severe pain in the lower back or neck depending on where the herniated disc occurs along the spine.

Each of these back injuries can lead to long-term chronic pain depending on the severity of the injury.

Construction worker shuts his eyes in reaction to experiencing lower back pain from his back injury obtained at work. Crates of wood in a warehouse sit behind him.

Although back injuries are reported in almost every profession from doctors to educators, there are more back injuries reported in certain job fields. Some of those professions include movers, construction workers, assembly line workers, warehouse workers, day laborers, factory workers, delivery workers, nurses, sheet metal workers, and other workers who’s daily duties require them to stand for long periods of time or involve heavy lifting.

Many people assume back injuries mostly affect those whose job tasks include manual labor, professions where the worker has long periods of sitting can cause serious back or neck injuries as well. This is especially evident in office settings where the chair does not provide the correct back support causing the individual to have poor posture. Outside of office jobs, this can also include professional drivers.

What’s Next? Schedule Your Free Consultation With Cruz & Associates

If your back injury is keeping you from successfully performing your job tasks, or your medical bills are starting to pile up from your workplace injury, give us a call to talk about your workers’ compensation options. Back and neck injuries can keep you out of work for days, weeks or permanently, which can significantly impact your ability to provide for yourself and your family. These injuries are often considered catastrophic injuries, especially if they permanently prevent you from returning to your normal work functions.

If you’ve suffered a back or neck injury on the job, you need an experienced back injury attorney who’s on your side, working to secure the best medical treatment and the maximum benefits you’re entitled to. At Cruz & Associates, our experienced team of bilingual, Atlanta attorneys are dedicated to serving injured workers and know how to protect your rights. Call us today at 404.444.1111 or fill out this online form for a free consultation.