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Did You Lose a Limb in an Atlanta Work Accident?

Did you lose a limb to amputation due to an on the job injury? Losing a limb may significantly impact your ability to work and is often considered a catastrophic injury, specifically if it permanently prevents you from returning to your normal work functions. For work accident victims who experienced an amputation because of the injury, lifetime benefits that may be available.

Fortunately, the Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers at Cruz & Associates have dedicated our practice to protecting Georgia workers and ensuring they get the care they so desperately need. Contact the Atlanta amputee lawyers at Cruz & Associates to see how we can help you or a loved one get the compensation you need for you limb loss injury, so that you can concentrate on recovery. We offer a free initial consultation for clients to determine if you have a case and if so, what we can do to win. Contact us today.

There are approximately 1.8 million Americans living with amputations. Of these, the most common type of limb loss is the leg, with the amputation occurring either above or below the knee. Amputations can include any limb of the body including arm, leg, foot, hand, toe or finger.

Causes of Limb Loss and Amputations

There numerous reasons why a limb may need to be amputated – injuries and illnesses are typically the most common reasons for limb loss. Others include:

  • Severe injury (i.e. broken bone, sever burn, etc.)
  • Cancerous tumor on muscle or bone
  • Severe infection that does not respond to medication
  • Thickening of nerve tissue (neuroma)
  • Frostbite

Limb Loss Facts and Figures

  • Approximately 185,000 amputations occur in the U.S. each year
  • Nearly 2 million people are living with a lost limb in the U.S.
  • The lower extremities are the most common limbs that are amputated

If you’ve lost a limb as a result of an on the job accident, you need an experienced Atlanta amputation attorney who’s on your side, working to secure the best medical treatment and equipment, and getting you the compensation you deserve. At Cruz & Associates, our experienced team of Atlanta amputation lawyers is dedicated to injured workers and know how to protect your rights.

The Amputation Procedure

Surgeons will try everything they can to avoid amputating a limb. But in the case it need to be done, the process has become very standardized over the years, and patients usually spend five to 14 days in the hospital. An amputation can be done under general or spinal anesthesia, both providing comfort for the patient. Surgeons use several methods when determining where to amputate, including:

  • Checking for a pulse close to where the cut is planned
  • Comparing skin temperatures between the healthy limb and the affected limb
  • Looking for patches of red skin
  • Checking for sensitivity around the planned cut area

During the surgery, the surgeon will:

  • Remove crushed bone or diseased tissue
  • Smooth out uneven areas of bone
  • Seal off blood vessels and nerves
  • Shape muscles so the end of the limb will be able to fit in a prosthetic

Atlanta Amputation Attorneys at Cruz & Associates

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