Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer

Cruz & Associates serves the people of the Atlanta area by providing comprehensive legal services for all types of truck accident cases. Accidents involving tractor-trailers or “big rigs” are some of the most damaging vehicle accidents possible, and we understand the challenges facing individuals injured in such accidents. It’s vital to know why tractor-trailer accidents happen and what to expect from a lawsuit. And always know, the Atlanta truck accident attorneys at Cruz & Associates are here to help you.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Big rigs travel more miles of road at a time and drive more frequently than typical cars. Additionally, tractor-trailers are exponentially larger and heavier than standard motor vehicles. Due to this extreme wear-and-tear and the demanding nature of truck driving, tractor-trailers have much more significant maintenance requirements than other smaller vehicles. Truck drivers also have a higher duty of care to other drivers on the road than the average driver due to the size, weight, and inherently more dangerous nature of their vehicles. Many other factors can come into play as well. Some of the most common causes of big rig accidents include:

The Truck Accident Lawsuit Process

Depending on how your trucking injury occurred, your case could fall under one or more types of legal practice and many even involve multiple defendants. Any entity who bears liability for an accident potentially faces civil action from an injured victim. If a truck driver causes an accident while performing his or her job duties, the employer could face liability. If the driver’s actions fell outside the scope of work or occurred while off-duty, the driver may face liability alone. A defective vehicle or part could lead to a product liability claim against the manufacturer, and an aggressive driving accident could potentially involve multiple drivers. The truck accident lawsuit process includes:

Cruz & Associates has built a strong reputation spanning more than 25 years of successful car accident cases in the Atlanta area, so allow us to put our resources and experience to work in your case. We can help you recover your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and property damage after a big rig accident. Reach out to our team to schedule a free case evaluation about your trucking accident claim in Atlanta, and we’ll let you know how our firm can help.