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5 Myths about Auto Accident Claims

In the United States, more than 35,000 fatal auto accidents occur each year. Despite this staggering number, people are still unsure of the rights they are entitled to and the actions they must take when involved in an accident. What’s even more nuanced and tricky? Filing an auto claim.
These are the Five Myths About Auto Accident Claims:
– If you don’t feel hurt at the time of the accident, then you can’t file a claim if you begin to feel pain later on.
– I am obligated to answer questions if an insurance agent calls me to give my my version of the accident.
– The police determines who is at fault.
– If the accident was my fault, I cannot file a claim.
– If I file a claim, the price of my insurance will increase.
Knowing that these 5 things are false will help you navigate the auto claim process to the best of your ability.
Stay informed and stay safe!

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